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DANCE Denmark 2019 is a 6 weeks-long cultural exchange program that is committed to engage with dance as a creative movement practice with many forms of expression.

We are partnering with Gerlev Sports Academy, an institution that since it was founded in 1938 has been highly focused on developing and creating excitement about movement and sports. Gerlev has pioneered pedagogical activity in Denmark and contributed to revising the image of creative movement through parkour and dancing. At Gerlev, tolerance, openness, community and freedom are the keywords.

Sixteen dance majors were selected through an audition process in October 2018. While in Denmark they will partake in the creation of new work by Faculty Resident Director and Assistant Professor, Daniel Roberts as well as Danish Choreographer Ann Sofie Clemmensen. 

The program is collaborating with Odense Municipal and the students will be performing in the city hall's stunning atrium June 27th and 28th. We are also collaborating with Kunsten - Museum of Modern Art Aalborg where the students will perform outside in the museums sculpture park on July 4th. We will visit Copenhagen for seven days in June. Here students will take part in a Nordic gathering of dancers and musicians - a program lead by Daniel Roberts in collaboration with The Danish National School of Performing ArtsThroughout the six weeks, the students will experiencing teaching workshops for Danish youth, visit historical and cultural sites, beaches and other natural areas, as well as art events and community engagement activities.

This study abroad program is facilitated by The Ohio State University's Office of International Affairs and the Department of Dance, College of Arts and Sciences.  

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Program Info

Meet the Dancers

This year’s Dance Denmark cast of 16 dancers is comprised of both rising juniors and seniors. While the group is very dedicated to their studies in the Department of Dance, their interests reach out to every corner of the campus. Of the 16 dancers, five of them are pursuing double majors/dual-degrees. Jackie is majoring in English and spends her time working in the Writing Center. Lauren is diligently pursuing a degree in psychology. Megan is studying business; Abbie is studying accounting and Emily is earning her arts management degree. Furthermore, 9 students are pursuing minors in addition to their majors. They range in diversity with Lindsey minoring in film studies to Abby in video arts to Amanda, Laura and Sophia in integrated approaches to health & wellness. Also, Leah is minoring in arts entrepreneurship and Emily in women’s gender & sexuality studies. Finally, Sophia and Catie are on the Pre-Physical Therapy track in addition to their degrees.


These talented individuals have not only found time to invest in their studies, but also to get involved in several different student organizations and groups across campus. Laura stands as an officer in the OSU Mountaineers where Sydney is also an active member while Amanda participates in YoungLife, a religious student organization. Megan, Catie, Abbie, and Sarah are all a part of Dance Connection, a student organization performing and choreographing various dance shows throughout the year to inspire and promote a love of dance on the OSU campus. Sophia also leads the OSU Dance Department as captain of their BuckeyeThon Team which helps raise money for childhood cancer research. Additionally, Jane and Leah are members of Kappa Alpha Theta and Sophia is a member of Delta Delta Delta.  Abbie is also a member of the Pi Sigma Epsilon, a business fraternity on campus. To top it all off, more than half of the cast works part-time on and off campus jobs to help facilitate their lives and their studies.


The Dance Denmark program values the open and engaging exchange of culture and experiences through an artistic platform. Each of the selected students brings with them a diverse and unique background that they can utilize in this study abroad opportunity. Knowing this cast has interests in a variety of fields, these students will uphold the values that the Dance Denmark opportunity offers such that they will deepen and encourage their cultural perspectives and experiences abroad. This group of curious and intelligent women are eager to embark on this 6-week cultural exchange in Denmark to grow as students, artists, dancers, and people.

By Emily Kilroy

Meet the dancers

Abbie Armbrecht || Catie Armbrecht || Danielle Barker || Sarah Bodony


Program Director &

Guest Choreographer 

Daniel Roberts

Assistant Professor at the Department of Dance at the Ohio State University.  Program Director for Dance Denmark

Ann Sofie Clemmensen

Danish choreographer and the founder of DANCE Denmark


KUNSTEN - Museum of Modern Art Aalborg

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Starting May 26 - July 6th

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Week Three

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